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Hydroponic and Organic Growing Supplies For All Indoor & Outdoor Gardening Supplies Indoor and Outdoor Gardening Supplies


Espoma Organics

Espoma Organics

Organic Traditions

All natural potash-greensand soil conditioner for organic gardening (0- 0- 0.1.
Net weight 10 lbs

All natural phosphate/rock phosphate, promotes root growth for organic gardening (0-3-0).
Net weight 5 lbs

Espoma Super Phosphate

Quick Solutions Super Phosphate

Fast acting phosphate/super phosphate, improves root growth and promotes flowering (0-20-0) Net weight 5 lbs

Espoma Triple Phosphate

Quick Solutions Triple Phosphate

Fast acting triple phosphate, promotes faster root growth and quicker flowering ( 0-45-0)
Net weight 5 lbs

Espoma Tomato Tone


Rich in all natural organics, all natural plant food for PLUMP & JUICY TOMATOES! (3-4-6)
Net weight 4 lbs


Earth Juice/Hydro Organics

Earth Juice Microblast


Earth Juice Microblast is a proprietary liquid micronutrient formula to be used to prevent and correct micronutrient deficiencies.

Earth Juice Bloom


Flowering and fruiting formula for all major types of indoor/outdoor gardening, recommended for use when increased phosphorus is required.

Earth Juice Catalyst


Enhances growth and production, use to complete fertilization program and provides crucial link to maximize results.

Earth Juice Grow


Growth formula designed to promote vigorous vegetative growth, recommended when increased nitrogen is required.

Earth Juice Assist


For container plants, gardens, compost and turf. For use with organic and synthetic fertilizer solutions.

Availble in 32 fl. Oz / 2lbs or 128 fl. Oz. / 8lbs




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