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Sunshine Advanced Mix #4

Sunshine Advanced Mix#4 growing mix

Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 is meticulously formulated to meet the needs of professionals, while being easy to use for beginners. Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 is made with Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, coarse perlite, coconut coir pith (coir), and a completely organic starter nutrient charge that contains gypsum, dolomitic limestone, and an organic wetting agent.Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 also contains a plentiful helping of multiple strains of mycorhizzae for improved nutrient and water uptake, and better resistance to stress and disease.

Premier Pro Mix

Premier Pro-mix BX

PRO-MIX 'BX' MYCORISE PRO is a "general purpose" peat-based growing medium with vermiculite and perlite, used for the cultivation of a wide variety of plant species. MYCORISE PRO ensures stronger, healthier plants due to more developed root systems and better fertilizer uptake.

Grodan Grow Cubes

Grodan Grow Cubes

Made of the same high-quality stonewool as the larger cubes and slabs, these miniature Grodan Grow-Cubes fit any container size or shape. Grow-Cubes offer easy irrigation, optimal root aeration and last throughout crop production. For any growing application, stonewool offers speed, ease of use and cleanliness

Coco Mix

Bio Bizz Coco

OMRI-Listed Bio Bizz Coco Mix makes organic gardening easy. Its absorbent coir fibers make it great for hydroponics or as an amendment to soil, and it has a pH of between five and six



Improve the quality of your soil by using perlite

Hydroton Clay Pebbles

Hydroton Clay Pebbles

  1. Eco-friendly; the pebbles are made from clay, a resource that is both plentiful and renewable.
  2. Reusable; As long as you clean them thoroughly, hydroton pebbles can be reused. Sterilizing with bleach (1 part bleach, 9 parts water) and then a through rinsing is the usual recommendation.
  3. pH Neutral; Hydroton is almost completely inert and will not release any minerals into your solution that could affect pH levels.
  4. Drain freely leaving roots well oxygenated.
  5. Have a smooth round surface that won't cut delicate roots.
  6. Do not compact which helps to ensure good root aeration.


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