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Hydroponic and Organic Growing Supplies For All Indoor & Outdoor Gardening Supplies Indoor and Outdoor Gardening Supplies





Encourages rapid root development while helping minimize stress, specifically designed for cloning, only the highest quality minerals. (available in quart and gallon bottles).

EZ Clone

EZ Clone Rooting Compound

High in root development minerals.

Great White

Great White

Premium mycorrhizae, fungi powered and stimulated for optimum root growth.

Root Riot

Root Riot Organic Starter Cubes for Cuttings/Clones/Seedlings

Ideal for soil and hydroponics, 50 cube site, made from organic materials, fully biodegradable included with purchase is clonex root compound, replacement cubes may also be purchased, fully reusable

Seedling Tray Plain, standard black seedling/germination tray
Humidity Dome Humidity domes, only available in 7", universal to fit with seedlings trays as well as root riots

Liquid System Cleaners



Liquid Oxidizer 29% (one liter) - great for cleaning out systems that a have a major backup, clogged, weak flow, etc. or if you just want to clean out your liquid garden.



"Chemistry without chemicals" secret ingredient cleaning solution for growing mediums.

Water Filtration

The Eliminator


Reverse Osmosis System "The Eliminator"

Low waste water feature, and average of 25% less than other systems, replacement membrane housing, pressure gauge, high capacity efficiency, durable no-rust mounting bracket, dimensions 14'' W x 16" H x 6" D.

Benefits of using a R.O. system: maximizes nutrient uptake for faster growth, stabilizes pH of recirculating rockwool, NFT, and Ebb & Flow hydroponic systems, eliminates up to 99% of harmful minerals, fluorides, chlorides, etc. an all around great product to have for any garden.

Carbon Filters


ProFilter carbon air filter, air carbon activated, reversible, 10 year performance warranty, available in 4", 8", 10" inch inline sizes

pH Supplies

pH Up & Down

Technaflora's pH Up™ and pH Down™
They enable the gardener to moderate and maintain optimum pH levels. The pH scale is a measure that describes the relative acidity or alkalinity of a solution or medium. Both pH-balancing aids are manufactured using the highest-quality ingredients: potassium hydroxide to raise pH, and nitric acid to lower the pH levels. 

While ensuring stringent industry safety standards are met, Technaflora's pH Up and pH Down are potent and effective in small doses.

pH Up & Down

pH Up

Base Formulated using potassium hydroxide and potassium carbonate. Add a little at a time if your nutrient pH is too low in order to raise the PH to the proper level.

pH Down

Acid Formulated using food grade phosphoric acid. Just add a little at a time if your nutrients pH is too high in order to lower the pH to the proper level.






H2O Hydroponic water pump- submersible water pump, quiet operation, energy efficient and reliable, corrosion resistant ceramic shaft, high powered magnetic motor encapsulated in waterproof epoxy, optional inline use, adjustable flow rate, removable filter. (Available in 160, 290, 540, 590, 1340 G.P.H.-gallons per hour)

DuraPump Air


Hydroponic Air pump- quiet, reliable, energy efficient, durable construction, adjustable air flow. (Available in 28, 71, 142, 600, 950, 1740 G.P.H.)

Includes 1 year warranty


Swan 50 ft Hose

Swan soft & supple

( 3/4" x 50' ft.) heavy duty garden hose, dual reinforced for high kink resistance, soft textured abrasion resistant cover, seal tight, leak proof system, worlds #1 garden hose manufacturer, limited lifetime warranty

Standard black poly water tubing- standard usage in all gardens, kink resistant, black opaque coloring prevents mold and bacteria build-up in your hoses, sold by the foot as desired




24 hour programmable dual timer for garden lights, handles 15 amps, 1200 w, dual plug oulets.


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