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Hydroponic and Organic Growing Supplies For All Indoor & Outdoor Gardening Supplies Indoor and Outdoor Gardening Supplies

Fox Farm

Liquid Plant Food

Big Bloom

FoxFarmBig Bloom Natural & Organic Plant Food

Biologically active Formula

Dramatically improves flavor, fragrance, and taste

Heals damaged root systems

Promotes Strong, extra large multiple bloom

Grow Big

Grow Big Extra-Strength Formula (6-4-4)

Fast acting- instant green-up

Designed for roses, tomatoes,

houseplants, and veggies

Brightens color intensity of flowers

Grow Big

Grow Big Hydroponic Extra-Strength Formula (3-2-6)

Extra-Strength fertilizer with micronutrients

Allow for pH adjustment without nutrient lock-up

Maximizes compact growth with multiple flower development

Tiger Bloom

Tiger Bloom Vicious Bloomer (2-8-4)

Formulated for soil & hydroponic systems

Ultra-potent and fast acting

Accelerates abundant fruit and flower set

Granular Soluble Fertilizers

Open Sesame

Open Sesame for Early Ripening Horsepower (5-45-19)

Triggers early flowering sequence

Produces massive fruit and flower set

Delivers full spectrum micronutrients

Beastie Bloomz

Beastie Bloomz Heavyweight Blossom Builder (0-50-30)

Fortifies the inside of flower buds

Increases weight of blooms and fruit set

Customized micronutrients Package

Cha Ching

Cha Ching for Late Flowering (9-50-10)

Stimulates heavy essential oil secretion

Maximizes flavor and fragrance

Extends Flowering cycle

Planting and Potting Soil

Happy Frog

Happy Frog Natural & Organic Fertilizers

Steamed Bone Meal (3-15-0)

For all stages of plant growth and flowering

Creates strong cell development

Helps create abundant blossoms

Wonderful supplement for bulbs

Potting Media

Ocean Forest

Ocean Forest Organic Potting Soil

Ready to use – PH adjusted

Nutrient rich container blend

Good things from earth and sea

Light texture- well aerated

Original Planting Mix

Original Planting Mix

Ready to use- PH adjusted

Premium grade organic garden soil

Contains premium earthworm castings and bat guano

Exceptional for raised bed plantings

Happy Frog

Happy Frog Potting Soil

Ready-to-use, nutrient rich, fine screened

Light texture, well aerated

Ideal for containerized plantings

PH adjusted for optimum results

Contains beneficial microbes

Light Warrior

Light Warrior Seed Starter

Seed Germinator-microbe and mycorrhizae activated

Designed for custom feeding schedules

Engineered for the indoor gardener

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